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The Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall

Fall 2016.  I love the season. What’s not to love about it? The kids are back in school, the weather has fallen to under 100 degrees anymore and of course, football.

Being from the Midwest, a lot of people ask me if I miss the fall? Good question. Hmmm. I like being able to eat outside year-round looking at the flowers and cactus in my back yard. I like being able to take a hike or bike ride and not have to bundle up. I like not having to worry about that first snowfall or remembering how to drive in that mess.

But even after 24 years, I miss that slight nip in the evening air. I miss sweater weather and seeing the leaves change color. I miss the smell of burning wood in a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate while watching football.

Do I miss fall? Yes and no. But I’ve gotten used to it. If I really want the cool temperatures, I venture up north to get my fill, and after a few hours return home. Sitting in my peaceful backyard with the flowers, cactus and birds, I’m reminded of why I moved to Arizona in the first place.

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At the age of twelve I borrowed a romance novel from the book shelf of my older sister, Karin, and was soon hooked on romance and happily ever after endings.

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