The Colors of Fall

September 2016

Fall.  I love the season. What’s not to love about it? The kids are back in school and the weather has fallen to under 100 degrees.

Being from the Midwest, a lot of people ask me if I miss the fall? Good question. Hmmm. I like being able to eat outside year-round looking at the flowers and cactus in my back yard. I like being able to take a hike or bike ride and not have to bundle up. I like not having to worry about that first snowfall or remembering how to drive in that mess.

But even after 24 years, I miss that slight nip in the evening air. I miss sweater weather and seeing the leaves change color. I miss the smell of burning wood in a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate while watching football.

Do I miss fall? Yes and no. But I’ve gotten used to it. If I really want the cool temperatures, I venture up to Flagstaff and after a few hours return home. Sitting in my peaceful backyard with the flowers, cactus and birds, I’m reminded of why I moved to Arizona in the first place.